About Us



After moving from England to Dubai, I discovered my passion and love, the art of cooking. I started by making manti at home and over time, I started serving this delicious Turkish dish to my friends. I wanted to bring this taste to more people, along with the people who were satisfied with the taste.

However, for me, cooking is not just a profession, it also means touching people's hearts. I bring people together with my food, pamper their taste buds and present traditional Turkish cuisine to Dubai's fascinating cultural mosaic.

Through this website, I want to offer you the most delicious secrets and experiences of my own kitchen. Here, you can enjoy cooking with me while learning about the richness and diversity of Turkish cuisine.

I see cooking as an art, I prepare each plate with care and offer you not only delicious food, but also a warm and friendly experience.

I invite you to this journey of taste. You can use this website to discover the magical world of Turkish cuisine with me. Enjoy your meal!

With love,
Ebruli's kitchen